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Simply put, it is a contemporary fantasy world that is not our own.

Dangerous Creatures

In every corner of the world, magical beasts of all kind roam free and mostly unchallenged. While no known area is totally safe from monstrous attacks and slaughter, most communities are built close to powerful Cairns that offer some level of protection through unknown source of magic. The Cairns are believed to have been built by the Ancient Ones.

The Ancients Ones

Great weavers of arcane energies rumoured to have created countless ruins and sites of power. For some, they are only a myth.

No one really knows what they look like and theories abound about their legacy and their disappearance.


People of all around the world are able to funnel arcane energies through them. No one is oblivious to the fact that these powers are real as one barely goes one day without seeing a display of the arcane. Several traditions of magic-users exist, some based on old spirits or on ancient tomes or even on religious texts.

Arcane energies can also be used to enhance people.

Faith and beliefs

The world of Magma has three mainstream religions.

The Church of the Nine Saints has the largest number of adepts. Each Saint represents a specific virtue and the embodiment of the Great Powers. The Church has strong relations with the Castellan Empire and spread with its conquests. Scholars of the Church created Theurgy, a belief-based spell casting tradition.

The Followers of the Old Ways believe in old spirits that dwell in the world and influence it. For them, nature and ancestors are very important. This faith is related to Rune Magic.

A large number of people study the writings of the Z’o, a philosopher and general that died aeons ago. While it is not a religion per se, many embrace this philosophy which teaches people how to achieve happiness and martial prowess.


Arcane traditions are usually taught to the worthy and have always been a sign of power. Both the masses and the nobility have always seen technology and science as a way to rival with the arcane.

People of Magma have access to firearms, cars, telephones, cinemas and other modern wonders. The backbones of most armies of the world are made of tanks, airships, planes and such warfare instruments.

Traditional weaponry

The old ways are still fairly strong in this world. A soldier with a sword is not an uncommon sight, especially if he is in the monster-hunting business. Moreover, enhanced – or magical – gear is still mostly old style weapons and armours. This is caused by the fact that High Magic is hardly usable on modern firearms and material. Only Technomancers are able to imbue magical properties on such items.

Kingdoms and Countries

Most nations of Magma are still led by Kings and Emperors. Democracy is a relatively new concept that is slowly sweeping the political chessboard of the world. In a world where horrible things lurk in the dark and hunt people, survival naturally becomes more important than freedom.


Castellan is an Empire that once controlled the whole north of the Main Continent. Its rulers are tightly bonded with the Church of the Nine Saints. People of Castellan have a strong martial history and deep belief in the tenets of the Church.


Z’aor is another Empire. While it never went on a large-scale conquest, its philosophic and cultural supremacy have convinced many tribes and territories to join. People of Z’aor are open-minded individuals who live under a caste system.


Karbakis is a dying Empire, devastated centuries ago by the Great Crusade. It has been ostracised by the other nations and is still considered a symbol of evilness. Obviously, people of Karbakis are not evil per se, but their pride and desire to prevail no matter what did lead them astray.

The Lay of the Land


Also known as the Main Continent, Auderia is the most populous and the largest stretch of land in all Magma. It is home to the greatest nations of the world. Its buildings are old and its history ancient.


Discovered during the Age of Explorations, Thaerna is a new continent. Its creatures are so old and powerful and its forests are so thick and dangerous that exploration has been fairly slow since its discovery. All great nations of Auderia have outposts and colonies on the coasts of Thaerna.


What is the magma?

Magma is the name of our world. It is believed the Ancient Ones named it after the blood that sometimes flows from the bowels of the planet.

This warm – but not searing hot – liquid comes in many varieties, all occurring naturally: fire, air, water, earth, light and darkness. Each carries a special taint and power that can be used by arcane weavers of any tradition.

Know that the magma is the source of monstrous apparitions. When a vein pops open and flows in the countryside, it often corrupts nearby flora and wildlife. Once touched by it, sentient beings go mad and follow alien motives and strategies. Plus, they gain disturbing powers.

Most of the creatures die soon enough, but sometimes they survive and thrive, creating a whole new kind of monsters.





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