Jonas Kelloway

Doctor. Head of the Arcane Studies department.


Doctor Jonas Kelloway is one of the most respected persons of Vale. Born in the Castellan capital, the high-ranking noble was found to be an incredibly talented arcane prodigy. By the age of 15, he had graduated from the Imperial Arcane University as a doctorate and moved on to teach and exchange in universities around the world. He stayed in Z’aor for a bit and was one of the first Castellan to be allowed to study for a semester at the Great Arcane Universtity of Wesley in Karbakis.

About 20 years ago, for unknown reasons, Kelloway requested political asylum in Vale. He then proceeded to teach the arcane arts to the non-noble, causing quite a stir in all corners of the world. His students became teachers as well, and within 5 years the Midway University of Vale was finally able to offer arcane arts diplomas after years of offering simple knowledge of the arcane programs.

It is said that a great political crisis (i.e. probable war) was avoided with Castellan and other nations by having Midway University of Vale offer the program to students from around the world. The fact that both nobles and non-nobles are competing for the same spots still create lots of friction at the university, but Kelloway tries to calm things down by often repeating his famous catchphrase: ‘Noble or not, the arcane does not discriminate; we are all equal when it comes to magic’.

Jonas Kelloway

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