Magma: Rosebud

Chapter 1: The Sunnydale Boarding School Case
5 people go missing...

Sent by the Rosebud agency, our 5 investigators meet with Nathaniel Watson, priest and boarding school administrator. He requests their help in finding 5 missing individuals and to be discreet about it.

After a short investigation, they find a strange creature that can phase between our world and the InBetween. These phasing spiders attack one of them while vulnerable in a crawl space but finally kill the thing. Further, they find one of the missing persons, Anton Romanov.

They end up finding a gate leading to a sealed area of the basement. The gate was not drawn appropriately and closed on the users. They find a strange book, Liber Magika, printed by the People's Press. Containing incantations and other arcane techniques, it seems to be destined to the common people.

The group reopens the gate and cross into a catacomb where 5 monks are buried. Further they find numerous spiders and two cocoons. A long fight follows. During the fight, an unknown young man comes to join in and clearly seeks to save Melody, one of the missing people in the cocoons.

In the end, they manage to save all 3 kids lives. They later discover that the two remaining missing persons were lovers who skipped town. One was a priest in training and the other an older student of the boarding school.


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